Soil modification is the process of changing the characteristics and performance of soil by adding reagents that strengthen the physical and chemical conditions, making the soil more workable.

RoadWorx, Inc. often uses lime, as it’s an excellent resource for modifying almost all fine-grained soils. It can reduce plasticity, improve stability, swell reduction and reduce moisture for drying. Chemically drying soils is accomplished by adding quicklime or hydrated lime to wet soils to reduce the water in the soil. This process achieves the optimal moisture content as determined by the soil’s moisture-density relationship.

Lime Kiln Dust is a co-byproduct of the lime manufacturing process. Its chemical makeup of quicklime and inert materials makes it suitable for drying and modifying certain types of soils. Lime Kiln Dust can be used as a direct replacement or substitute for hydrated lime for stabilization purposes.